Photo Gallery

MixedMedia - RootedAbstraction#14
Stitched Photoscapes - East Coast
Rocky Shores#152 (9"x12")
Impressions 4pc (5"x7")
Stitched backs - Hopewell Rocks
Stitched Photoscapes-ColoradoRockies
StitchedPhotoscape -EastCoastColours
Work-in-progress Stitching
Nature Tidings stitched cards
Work-in-progress: ThreadSelection
Stitched prints "Nature Tidings"
Mixed Media - MycologicalPhilately#1
Nature Tidings stitched card
Work-in-progress: Front and back
Maritime Lighthouse #33
Stitched cards - OldeRiverside trees
Stitched cards - front and back
Mixed Media - Mayfly coasters 2pc
Fiber Gems - stitched pendants 9pc
Mixed media stitched coasters
Fiber Gems - stitched pendants
SStitched print "Nature Tidings"
Print - Echoes of the Group of Seven
Mixed media wood burn - BurntTree